Sweets For Your Sweetie on Valentine’s Day

I’ve often wondered why there’s one day out of the year in which we celebrate those we love. I’ve come to the conclusion that because Valentine’s Day is the official “love” day, we should use it as the perfect excuse to treat yourself and/or the one(s) you care for. Every girl loves jewelry and flowers and guys find happiness in the latest tech gadget. But personally, I’m partial to something sweet to satisfy my everlasting “sweet tooth”.

With Valentine’s Day coming up in a few days, show your love just how much you appreciate them with a few of these simple but “sweet” treats that are not only cute- but also yummy. Of course there’s always cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate; but those are too simple and too easy. Get creative and take the time to make something that shows you care by taking the extra steps to try something new this Valentine’s Day.

Below are just a few of my favorite updated sweets for Valentine’s Day that I found on everyone’s favorite website: Pinterest. I’ve also included the links for recipes to makeΒ each treat so there’s no excuse to give these sweet treats a try!


Recipe: Strawberry Truffle Kiss Cookies


Recipe: Cupid Floats


Recipe: Strawberry Brownie Kabobs


Recipe: Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Strawberries


Recipe: Red Velvet Truffles


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