Pop Art Proteges


Andy Warhol’s iconic pop art will forever be classic. His images featuring Marilyn Monroe and Campbell soup duplicated with neon colors are a few of the world’s most recognizable works of art. If you’re one of the few that’s unfamiliar with pop art, it’s basically content from present day culture combined with unrelated imagery. It’s interpreted as abstract expressionism with heavy use of irony to defuse the personal symbolism. For instance, take a picture of a well known celebrity and recreate it in an artistic form of visual art and you have a pop art masterpiece. It originated in the 1950’s, but who are the modern day artists that have taken their own approach and direction to pop art? Now that we’re well into a new era for artists of our own time, let’s explore pop merged with contemporary art and discover a few of the up and coming artists of 2015.


Jason Poremba

hypnosis by propganda


972 (3)


Karen Bystedt



Greg Guillemin



Jason Mercier



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