Fabulous Foyers- Tips on Decorating An Entryway

When you walk in your front door, what is your first impression? What would you like your home to say to your guests when they first arrive? Whether you have a small entryway or a large foyer, as soon as you walk into a home it should be stylish and inviting. Styling a smaller space can be difficult because you don’t want to make it look cluttered by adding a lot of decor, so it’s imperative to add the right pieces that are essential to creating a chic and modern space.

There’s (3) necessary elements to styling an entryway space: a mirror or piece of art, a table, and a lamp or overhead lighting. Optional elements are storage, seating (chairs, ottomans, or bench), stack of books, candles, flowers, figurines, or coat rack. Depending on the overall aesthetic of your home, the entryway must be complementary and flow with the rest of the house. This is an easy task to achieve as long as each element blends together effortlessly.

What I love about some of the images below are the symmetry in the decor- two of the same chairs and lamps positioned on either side of the table. There’s also central pieces that become the main focus, usually a floral arrangement on the table and a mirror on the wall. Blank space is filled with miscellaneous items to add cohesiveness to the entire look. And as you can see, each element described has in some way been implemented into the entryway’s decor. Even tables can double as storage units if they’re cabinet style. And when you have a tight space like an entryway, being able to factor in multiple uses for one item is significant.

Check out the gallery below for more stylish entryway inspiration:

How To Create A Manhattan Glamour Style Entryway For Small Spaces #MGdecor

Stylish Foyer and Entryway Ideas - Style Estate -

Bowerbird: Living Room Furniture

The touch of zebra print looks so chic in this entry way.

Get the Look: Stylish Entryways


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