Musical Notes- Jermaine Riley

Jermaine Riley is not exactly a “new” artist. In fact, he’s been in the R&B game since 2008. Not only is he a singer and songwriter, but he’s executive produced, arranged, mixed, and engineered his own projects from the onset of his music career. And if that list was not long enough, try adding designing his promotional material and directing/editing his music videos. He’s definitely a one stop shop when it comes to the total package.

Born in the UK and formerly from the boy band Fundamental, Riley started out with the release of various mixtapes and transitioned into working with a star-studded cast of producers such as Harmony and Dready. He is currently singing in the duo Dora Martin alongside Cherri V. At some point, he was given the nickname ‘Superman’ which seemed to be a huge influence on his artwork and image for “Goodbye Krypton: The Mixtape” which was his first major release. Since that release, he has released “Nine Ten Eleven: The Refixes” and “Hello Earth” (which has over 150,000 downloads online).

Did I mention his music can be downloaded for free as well? His latest solo project, “Ten Eleven Twelve” represents an honesty in his music that can only be reflected by someone of his caliber. He’s grounded, grateful, and genuine- the perfect combination!

Listen and download his music for free at

Check out his music on You Tube:


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