The Modern Office

As a blogger who works from home, it’s important to have an office space that’s comfortable and chic. Your work space should be a reflection of personal style that provides inspiration. My ideal work space would be one in which I look forward to being in all day, provides a sense of calmness (because working can be stressful at times) and encourages creativity. That’s easy to achieve with a perfectly decorated space filled with modern materials.

Lately, I’ve been enamored with lucite and acrylic office supplies. The clearness and clean lines are just so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, which is definitely important when you spend every single work day in the same space. If you crave luxurious innovationΒ in your work space, the office supplies by Alexandra Von Furstenburg definitely offer a variety of colorful pieces that double as artistic displays. Founded in 2007, the image director for DVFΒ created her own modern acrylic furniture company under her own namesake.Β From pops of neons to classic leopard prints, the AVF acrylic office collection has a diverse array of styles to suit any modern office. Below are just a few of my favorite items among others from Anthropologie, Kate Spade, and CB2.


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