Diversastyle’s Coachella Playlist

One of my favorite signs of spring (besides the blooming flowers and growth of green grass after a long and bare winter) is the alternative sounds of music in the hot and sweaty desert of Indio, California. Otherwise known as Coachella.

Founded in 1999, Coachella is a music festival consisting of rock, indie, hip hop and electronic dance music. It features new and emerging artistsΒ with a few veteran musicians as well. It’s held annually during the second and third weekends in April and is currently one of the largest and most profitable music festivals in the US. This event is so popular that tickets for this year’s festival sold out in less than 20 minutes.Β In addition to music, there are art installations and sculptures, food trucks, and lots of bohemian fashion (flower crowns, fringe, lace, crop tops, and denim).

As an avid music lover, I’m always looking for new musicians to add to my current rotation. So in honor of this years Coachella, I’ve put together my own playlist with my favorite bands and musicians that will be performing. Check it out and hope you enjoy!


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