Photographer Spotlight- Slim Aarons

Photographer Slim Aarons is iconic in the world of vintage wealth & society. The cover photo “Poolside Gossip” was recently recreated after 45 years at Palm Springs Modernism Week and has sparked a new interest in exploring the past photo’s that symbolized the lifestyles of the rich and famous. From 1950-1980, Slim traveled the world to take photo’s that depicted glamour and luxury. His motto was to take photographs of “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places” which is why the majority of his work takes place in the homes of celebrities and the financially elite.

Aarons began his photography career in combat when he served in World War II. After his military service, he moved to California to transition his career in Hollywood. One of his most noted pieces was taken in 1957 titled “Kings of Hollywood” and featured Clark Gable among others. His work has been featured in Life, Town & Country, and Holiday magazines. Personally, I would love to hang a print in a gallery wall (of course) or in a sitting room where guests are entertained. His prints are perfect for lounging around, enjoying a cocktail (or two) and pretending you live a life just as glamourous!

If you’re looking to add to your coffee table book collection, “Poolside With Slim Aarons” can be purchased at One Kings Lane. But if you’re like me and would rather add a framed print to your wall, his prints (which range from $600-$4500) can be purchased at 1stdibs.

Lake Tahoe Couple, 1959

Penthouse Pool, 1961

Lake Tahoe Trip, 1959

Paestum Greece, 1984

Pool at Las Hadas, 1974

Hotel De Paris in Monaco, 1977

Boating in Antigua, 1961

Sea Drive, 1967

The Carlton Hotel in Cannes, 1958

In Capri, 1958


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