Fashionista- Amal Clooney

This is the first installment for “Fashionista” which showcases the style of the women we feel exude fashion in the iconic sense. With a broad range of bohemian chic, grunge glam, modern minimalist, and ladylike class- these women all have a sense of style that’s worthy of adoration and emulation. 

If you don’t know who Amal Clooney is, you obviously live under a rock. The powerful human rights attorney (who somehow managed to snag longtime bachelor George Clooney) has not only impressed us with her brains and beauty, but her ultra sleek & polished looks have made her a true style icon. Originally from Lebanon, she is based out of London and studied law at NYU. Fluent in three languages, she is currently representing Armenia in a case against Turkey for genocide and racial discrimination. Among the workplace which would seem to be all about powersuits, Amal has the amazing ability to make professional outfits look sharp and savvy. Here are a few of our favorite looks:


Mrs Clooney. Oooohhhhhh love the Balenciaga!




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