Lucky Charms

No, this is not a post about that sugary childhood cereal with the colorful dehydrated marshmallows. Remember when back in the day, charm bracelets were all the rage? Well, today we’re talking about those cute little charms seen attached to the handbags on many of the street style fashionistas during fashion week. From fuzzy poms to blinged out logos, designers have created cute little bag accessories that boasts plenty of personality in a playful way. Add some flair with the addition of a bag charm to your bag!

Lucky Charms

1. Fendi bird bag bugs charm

2. Louis Vuitton mosaique charm

3. Salvatore Ferragamo leather heart charm

4. Fendi pom pom charm

5. Burberry london bus charm

6. Chanel perforated charm

7. Marc by Marc Jacobs atomic charm

8. Louis Vuitton heart coin purse charm

9. Harrods bag charm

10. Tod’s bag charm


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