6 Pops of Leopard to “Neutralize” Your Home

“As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral”- Jenna Lyons

Said best by one of my favorite fashion icons, Jenna Lyons. The creative director of J. Crew has influenced many not only with her direction of the brand’s style over the past decade but also within her own image and reflection of personal style. For a long time, I was put off by leopard print, with thoughts of it being tacky and somewhat sleazy to wear. I would imagine spandex leggings in any form of animal print and I would cringe. But since I’ve started to look at fashion with an open mind and expand my individual style options (being open to trying new trends), I’ve started to remove obstructive views of what I thought was right and realized that in fashion, there are no rules.

As I’ve started to incorporate leopard into my wardrobe (with this bag and these shoes), I also thought about what my home would look like with a few pops of animal print here and there. It’s a consideration that deserves a well thought out plan to ensure the design aesthetic remains modern and not too overdone and conflicted. When done right, leopard print can boast contemporary vibes and prove that risky can be stylish in a bold way. If your home is in need a of a punch to spice up the decor, try these (6) ideas to add a pop of leopard to your home!

1. Throw Pillows

Either on a couch, bed, or accent chair- a throw pillow is a perfect way to “throw” in a dash of leopard to your home decor. Perfect for those who don’t want to commit to too much because a little goes a long way with this bold print and the pillows can easily be switched out for a different print when your interior style is being updated.

Cozy Glam Space // Interior Design by Ashlina Kaposta // Photography by Emily Anderson // Arianna Belle Leopard Velvet pillows

2. Headboard

Another way to add an unexpected pop of animal print to a neutral base is to add a leopard print headboard to your master or guest bedroom. This was an idea I would have never thought of myself, but it’s personally my favorite. It’s sexy and chic- exactly what you want your bedroom vibe to be.

Love the fabric headboard

3. Lamps

A great option for those who are on the fence about adding too much leopard and are afraid of going overboard with the print being added to their existing decor. Animal print lamps are an easy transition and you can choose to have the print exist in the shade or base of the fixture.

Colorful combination guest bedroom/home office. So many great ideas from IHeart Organizing: A Storied Style

Achieve a haute Hollywood vibe by topping a chic mirrored dresser with... what else? More mirrors.  Click through for more mirror decor inspiration!

4. Chairs

I love the look of a leopard accent chair in a sitting room or bedroom, but adding them to your dining room or kitchen is also a classy idea. The versatility of the print works well with any design style.

Who says a dining room credenza just has to be for serving?? Love it to display pretty lighting and lamps #spon

34 Things You Can Improve With A Sharpie

5. Rugs/Carpets

If money were no option and I could hire any top interior designer in the world, my first request would be to lay out my library floors in leopard (because if I were rich, I would definitely have a library in my home!) But for now, I can settle with an area rug or hallway runner which I love overlapped on top of a carpet base for that extra layer of style.

9 Reasons Why You Need Leopard Print in Your Home // green walls, bookcase, leopard rug, iron staircase, chandelier, mural

Layering shades of deepest, darkest grey blue, totally over the top gilt mirror with double pagoda detailing, glossy navy-black chest on legs with gold detailing and marble top, and a fab leopard print carpet tying it all together. By Larry Hooke Interiors in Seattle

6. Wallpaper/Art

As previously discussed in this post, wallpaper has made a comeback in the most sleek and stylish ways, so decking your walls out in animal print is a pretty obvious choice. I would choose a smaller room such as a walk in closet or hallway bath. Or add it as an accent wall. How cool is that picture below with the model wearing a leopard coat?! It’s a great way to accidentally add a pop of leopard to neutralize your home!

Elements of Style Blog | An Amazing Bedroom Makeover | http://www.elementsofstyleblog.com

Spice up any room with animal print wallpaper.

All images via Pinterest


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