Musical Notes- Sza

Sza, otherwise known as Solana Rowe, is a neo-soul singer whose music can also be described as alternative R&B. Her influences range from Bjork to Billie Holiday, yet her sound is ethereal with a raspy falsetto. But when you actually listen to her, it’s hard to really pinpoint due to her versatility and how her sound can straddle the line between multiple genres of music. Her songwriting skills stem from passionate freestyles and it’s through her songs that she sings about whatever comes to mind- whether it makes sense or not.

Other inspirations for Sza’s music stem from atypical sources like gymnastics, ice skating and painting. Born in St. Louis, she grew up listening to jazz musicians on account of her father and citing Lauren Hill as her personal style mentor. She’s released three albums under Top Dawg Entertainment: S, See Sza Run, and Z. Even though the way she got into music sounds completely accidental (she majored in marine biology in college), there’s no doubt that the potential is there. It’s definitely hard to place her into a certain category because there’s no way to accurately describe her other than ‘alternative’ and once you hear “Teen Spirit” and “Babylon” you’re sure to be just as confused as I am about her. However, they way she appeals to every senses, there’s no doubt you will be mesmerized.

Learn more about Sza on her official website:Β

Check out her music on You Tube:


2 comments on “Musical Notes- Sza

    • I know! Her sound is so different! I recently heard of her through her travels with Jhene Aiko, which is another singer whose voice is just as captivating. You should also check her music out.


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