Photographer Spotlight- Trashhand

Lately, I’ve been really inspired by photography. Not just in regular pictures of random things, but more within the intensity and complexity of shooting scenes with awesome filters. It takes great skill to get that perfect shot. A few weeks ago, I featured the aerial photography of Gray Malin (you can read the post here). While his shots are definitely amazing and takes great bravery to shoot so high in the air, I can also appreciate the artistry it takes to get those isolated shots in unexpected places. That is what photographer Trashhand excels at. I came across his photography on Instagram and instantly was in awe of how his photos captured my amazement. He manages to secure that urban rawness in his magnificent views of skylines and worldwide adventures. Not much is known about him except for the following: his name is Serdar Ozturk, he’s of Turkish decent, and he’s currently based in Chicago.

His work can be viewed on his Tumblr blog atΒΒ as well as his Instagram atΒ


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