Milan Fashion Week- F/W 2015 Recap

While Paris Fashion Week has only just began (recap coming next week), Milan Fashion Week has ended and I’m so excited to share my favorite looks that walked the runways from classic designers like Dolce & Gabanna and Gucci to contemporary designers like Philipp Plein and Gabriele Colangelo. In contrast to NYFW and London Fashion Week, the fashion week debut in Milan is my personal favorite because some of my beloved designers are showcased: Versace, Prada, and Fendi. The shows were all amazing and the clothes were effortlessly chic in their own way. So let’s begin the recap!

Dolce & Gabanna

The show’s theme focused on “the matriarch” of a family- the mom. There were even models who brought their own children on stage and a pregnant model as well. The ‘rose’ included in many of the designs presented symbolism for one of the designer’s (Stefano) childhood memory of his own mother’s rose scented lipstick. Classic black dresses and double-breasted skirt suits with a black fox stole were just a few of the looks that embodied so many ways mothers can be commemorated.

Salvatore Farragamo

Giornetti (creative director) has taken this 90 year old brand back to it’s classic roots with this season’s collection. Color blocking and geometric lines dominated most of the looks, while ribbed knit ponchos and asymmetric coats with large resin buttons followed closely behind. For a brand that’s mostly known for it’s footwear, they truly delivered well with complementary pieces shown to accentuate a woman’s body.

Gabriele Colangelo

Complicated pattern techniques are this designer’s forte. Bias cut drapery, twisted around the torso and hitched up on one side. Now that’s some serious skill when it comes to creating effortless minimalism. No prints and just a few colors in ivory, grey, and navy reigned over the entire collection. Other cues to take note of were pants that were cut vertically on the leg and attached with large metal snaps and coats that peeled back at the hem to expose the clothing underneath. For a “new to me” designer, I rather enjoyed his fresh take on intricate detailing.

Philipp Plein

Black and edgy is what comes to mind when I look at Plein’s collection. Lots of black, studs, and fur were completely apparent as the designer’s theme for this fall/winter line. Sports jerseys were made out of mink emblazoned with the words WARRIOR and #PLEIN. Body-con dresses with cut outs and skintight vinyl catsuits. Even though we’ve all seen designs similar to these before, something about it seemed very ultramodern.


The digital world influenced this season’s collection for Versace in which DonatellaΒ has somehow managed to merge the past to the present. The brand’s iconic monogram, symbols, and bling were all transparent in sheer fabrics- as were hashtags and emoji’s- creating a nod to our present day social media scene. Lots of primary colors (reds and yellows) were vastly used and the sex appeal exuded from the models was perceptible.


Abstract designs and oversized puffy coats shined gloriously on the models at Fendi. Inspired by architecture of the Palazzo della Civilta Italiana,Β Karl Lagerfeld has masterminded the same elegance in his pieces to create a contrast to last spring’s soft romanticism.


Alessandro Michele’s debut centered around the contemporary. His example of the Gucci girl encompasses an ingenue with an eccentric side. Vintage looks complemented with chunky rimmed glasses, pom pom hats, and fur lined loafers. Colorful coats over top shapeless botanic print dresses lead the way for this season’s thrifty styled looks.

The final leg of fashion month will be recapped at the end of next week once Paris Fashion Week has ended, so stay tuned!


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