Wallpaper Themes to Transform Your Living Space

When I was growing up, my mom had the most tackiest, unsightliest looking 1970’s styled wallpaper in the kitchen. I remember it was green and peeling at the edges. Since then, the thought of wallpaper has put a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to quality interior design features for my own home. Now that I have seen the updated prints and styles of wallpaper in various fabrics and designs- I’ve come to realize the unique characteristics of adding wallpaper to a space and how it can truly transform the entire look of the room as a whole.

Wallpaper has evolved over the years and gone are the days when wallpaper was only used by our grandmothers in a home that looks like 1965 called and wanted its walls back. The prints are now glam and add pops of color. The fabrics have texture and add juxtaposition to the room’s decor. And most importantly, the adhesive is made of better resilience. Depending on the theme of your room, wallpaper can either add to the theme’s composition or contrast against it to create a union of symbolism within the decor. Scroll down to see examples of different wallpaper themes set in various styles and rooms, along with a few tips on how to choose the right theme for your space.

Living Room

Adding a printed wallpaper in your living area can unite the color scheme of the decor (using similar colors as the couch or carpet). You can choose to either wallpaper the whole room or just one wall to serve as an accent wall creating a focus in that specific area of the room. If prints seem too intimidating, try a print that’s the same color as the paper to create an illusion and a more modest approach to adding character to the room.


Hmmm....i want this in my house!!! Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Wallpaper - Skullspiration.com

Stylish dining room dΓ©cor ideas for a memorable dining experience


Whether you add wallpaper to a full or half bathroom, it rejuvenates the smaller space to a charming sanctuary. Depending on the print and theme you choose, you can go glitzy and your bathroom will have the look and feel of a high quality ladies lounge in an expensive department store. Or you can update a shared space with subtle color combinations in natural hues using grasscloth wallpaper (as shown below).

15 Incredible Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas - black and white polka dot wallpaper, gold accents, malachite framed mirror + black tile floors

Massucco Warner Miller - bathrooms - Scalamandre Zebras - Zanzibar Wallpaper, vintage gold mirror, arched gilt mirror, gold vanity mirror, z...

Kohler Margeux Collection Faucet, West Elm Antique Tiled Wall Mirror, grey foil wallpaper.

Bling Chandelier With Convertible Double Canopy.... minus the mirror could do something more sleek.

Bedroom/Home Office

Wallpaper can be added to the entire bedroom or an accent wall (usually where the bed is centralized). Utilizing the same principles as the living space, wallpaper should connect the room’s decor and tie the space together in terms of color scheme. Don’t be afraid to use color and be creative. Try adding a printed chair that bounces off the pattern of the wallpaper or using wallpaper that brings out pops of color to the entire room.

You know you're getting mature/practical (old) when you can't decide if the love you feel for this beautiful hanging light outweighs the tremendous inconvenience of cleaning said light...sigh.

Pretty Space with Fantastic Colors, a desk like this is easy to find, and you could just paint it pink! good office for a beach vacation home!

32 Rooms Beautified By Strategic Splashes Of Color ➀ http://CARLAASTON.com/designed/splash-color-spice-happy-home; wonderful inspiration here!

Hallway/Miscellaneous Space

To create a fun look to a sitting room, bar area or entryway/hallway- try a wallpaper with a fun print. Be sure to use a print in correlation to the decor to present a balance between chic and lively. The use of colorplay and stencils adds an artistic touch, while bold imagery completes an overall modern effect in opposition of a blank canvas.

Small Entryway Ideas | Simplified BeeSimplified Bee

Preppy Pattern Wall Decals - Southern Nest different patterns different colors. Cute for bathroom or nursery.

Eijffinger Script behang 347502 Flamingo | Eijffinger Script | www.behangwereld.nl

Alternatives to Wallpaper

Use stencils to add a print to a white or colored wall

For inside my murphy bed? Lace stencil vn302 http://designinspiration.typepad.com/

Try a textured wallpaper to add depth and dimension to flat wall surfaces

Contemporary Wallpaper Ideas >> http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/contemporary-wallpaper-ideas/pictures/page-8.html?soc=pinterest

Instead of wallpaper, add marbled plaster to walls in various blends of colors

Updated faux plaster walls from 5 Resurrected Old-World Interior Design Trends

Hang wallpapered panels on the wall to create a crafty approach to hanging art

inexpensive fabric and insulation makes statement wall decor...inexpensively! Can also be used as pin boards! apartmenttherapy.com

*All Images from Pinterest


5 comments on “Wallpaper Themes to Transform Your Living Space

    • Hi Hayley!
      Thank you so much! I know, I was super surprised to see so many different designs and styles of wallpaper on Pinterest- I just had to write up a post to share!


  1. I love wallpaper! I’ve been trying to talk my hubby into putting wallpaper up to create an accent wall in our living room, or wallpapering our bathroom – it adds so much extra personality to the room.


    • I totally agree! Wallpaper on an accent wall would be perfect if you decide you don’t want to commit to the entire room. And the process would take less time and effort, but the results would be amazing.


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