Musical Notes- George the Poet

If you’re a fan of spoken word, then you must listen to the sounds from emerging musician George the Poet. Even if you’re not a fan of spoken word (which I must admit, I had never gotten into it much before his discovery), the political and social issues given awareness in his lyrics has drawn me in to a new way of thinking when it comes to a song and it’s meaning. Music is not just about a cool beat that can make me bob my head and get up and dance, The spoken words in George’s music is used to communicate a deeper message of thoughtful social commentary due to his political science studies at King’s College in Cambridge.

Raised in Harlesden, northwest London; George began rapping at the age of 15. He was signed to Island Records in 2013 and his first single ‘My City’ was released in 2014. For 2015, he has been nominated for the BRIT Awards, as well as MTV’s Brand New for 2015 and BBC’s Sound of 2015. “Rap put too much strain on entertainment, where poetry provokes though”, states George. He feels rappers have so much power to do good with their music, yet they squander it. Whereas mainstream rappers speak mostly about drugs and money, his music presents personal responsibility and cultural devotion. His street savvy wordplay (‘Grinding’) is something fresh and new on the music scene where the younger generation can have a positive role model that is using his voice to bring change to society. George is currently working on a poetry collection in addition to his music.

Check out the official website for George the Poet atΒ

Check out his music on You Tube:


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