Artist Spotlight- Bansky

Who is Bansky? His satirical street art has been seen on street walls and bridges from London to California to New York. His graffiti art combines political and social commentary with dark humor in a distinctive stenciling technique. His work has been inspired by the underground scene of local artists in Bristol, UK. The messages he conveys in his art are either anti-war or anti-capitalist with subjects including children, elderly, policeman, soldiers, apes, and rats. Because of the secretive nature of his artwork, it’s unclear how Bansky generates the images through his stencils. However, the stencils were designed to minimize time and create overlapping of colors. His work relies on visual imagery to materialize his message and he has self-published many books containing photographs of his work accompanied by his writings most notably bestseller, “Wall and Peace”. Yet to this day, regardless of how many has speculated who he is- his identity remains unknown.


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