Photographer Spotlight- Gray Malin

Gray Malin’s photography exudes an artistic quality unlike no other, “making everyday a getaway” and capturing the most obscure points of view from all over the world.

He is best known for his aerial views of assorted beaches in Europe, Africa, and Australia. Also well known are his photo series from the deserts of Bolivia and the glaciers of Antarctica, where he brings the “beach” to the scene with a colorful beach ball thrown out into the icy waters.Β In his photos, he captures the essence of skiers on Aspen Mountain, beach umbrellas in Miami, and even llamas painted in non-toxic colors on a rural farm.

His ‘Prada Marfa’ series (which can be seen in the stylish homes of many fashion bloggers) showcases the designer’s art installation that sits on an isolated highway in West Texas. This is a prime example of how imagination comes to life through his unique vision.

Recently, he has expanded his product base to not only include his amazing photography, but fans of his artwork can purchase umbrellas, cell phone cases, gift wrap, and wallpaper with his exclusive prints.

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