The Beaches of Bora Bora

If you’re like me and experiencing a colder climate right now, you’re likely dreaming of being somewhere warm and tropical. Laying out on a beach, watching the waves roll towards the shore, and casually sipping a colorful and sweet concoction or two.

Imagine the sun beaming on your tanned skin and the blissful feeling of relaxation with not a care in the world. Imagine walking around in your hotel room, which sits right on the water- where you can even see the turquoise waters of the ocean directly underneath your feet. Imagine being secluded upon a private paradise reminiscent of a dream world.

Imagine Bora Bora…

bora_bora_deck_view    bora_bora_room_view

Bora Bora (recently named “the best island in the world” by U.S. News) sits in the French Polynesian Islands of the South Pacific. The resorts located on the island include beachfront villas and over-water bungalows for guests to call home for the duration of their stay. Most offer all the amenities you could ever dream of including infinity pools (some even attached to your living quarters), full service holistic spas, fitness centers, and an array of romantic style restaurants & bars. And if that wasn’t enough, let’s not forget about the luxurious views of palm trees, coral reefs, and wildlife in their natural habitat (visible by participating in snorkeling and scuba diving which are also offered on the beach.)


Stay: Sofitel Bora Bora (cheaper rates in early December go from $294/USD per night)

See: coral gardens, catamaran cruises, island tours, submarine excursion, scuba diving

Sip: Polynesian Punch

Savour: Poisson Cru (fish marinated in coconut milk and lime juice)

Souvenir: Tahitian black pearls, Monoi oil and soap, and freshly grown vanilla



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