6 Small Ways to Increase the Quality of Your Home

Renovating a home can be quite expensive. Not only do you have to spend money on the materials, but the labor cost in addition to that could cause homeowners to panic and become discouraged. I firmly believe that it’s the little things that can create a huge impact. And being the frugal consumer that I am- if I can build it or put it together myself, than I’m going to save the money and do just that. Listed below are (6) small ways you can increase the quality of your home. Best of all, they are simple and cheap to complete on your own.

1. Paint interior doors black (including the front door)


Photo source: Home Edit

Painting your interior doors black may sound harsh on the surface. This is one of those realizations where you have to see it to understand it’s relevance. Black doors can showcase a chic and elegant quality versus plain white doors. Also, black doors will not show dirt and fingerprints as white doors tend to do. If you end up painting your front door black as well, be sure to add a glossed layer of lacquer and a gold door knocker for swank appeal. You should not need any more than a few cans of paint to complete this.

2. Wallpaper half bathrooms to give a luxurious feel to a small space


Photo source: Home Bunch

Wallpaper may seem so 70’s- old school and outdated. But trust me, the reputation of wallpaper has since been revamped thanks to updated designs and paper quality. I will soon do a seperate post on the may facets of wallpaper design, but for now, here’s a tip: Try a gold or silver design with a neutral base as shown above. As you can see, the design give the room attractiveness and personality, which elevates a small space to a whole different level. With it being a small space, your wallpaper expense should be very minimum.

3. Update the pendant lighting over your kitchen island and the chandelier in your dining room


Photo source: Pinterest

Pendant lights and chandeliers can be quite expensive depending on where you purchase. However, there are many DIY versions of these statements lights that I have seen all over Pinterest. Some even make use of mason jars, which I think are pretty darn cool in a “country chic” kind of way. If you choose not to attempt a DIY, you can always check the sale section at your favorite home interior stores. Changing the lighting is definitely the most inexpensive way to transform your space from drab to fab, regardless of your current home decor style.

4. Switch out your knobs and pulls in the kitchen and bathroom and try using brass or gold fixtures instead


Photo source: Elements of Style

Did you know that the smallest effort of just changing out your fixtures (knobs/pulls) on cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom, could drive up the price of your home? If you think about it, the more expensive looking homes all have updated fixtures in either brass, brushed nickel, or gold. Faucets and lighting accessories are no exception to the rule, so while you’re at it, go ahead and switch those as well for a more cohesive look. It’s the attention to detail that counts and these items are not very costly when you look at the grand scheme.

5. Add paneling to your walls and/or ceiling to show depth and dimension


Photo source: Home Bunch

Check out You Tube for videos on how to DIY the wood panels in your home. Paneling adds so much depth and dimension to a room that could not be achieved with paint alone. To achieve the same results, you could also add wainscoting. Either one would give a true architectural feel that looks like you spent a lot of money on the design of the space. Try using contrasting colors on the wall and the panels to show a pop of color with sophisticated elegance.

6. Hang your curtain rods higher than the actual window to show expansion


Photo source: Chatelaine

Out of all the home decor tips I have listed in this post, this one has got to be the easiest and cheapest way to open up the space in your home and exude a lavish appeal. Switch to a double curtain rod of a darker base color and hang longer drapes from ceiling to floor. Technically speaking, the placement should be above and outside the molding. Another option is to hang wider than the actual frame. This illusion is a trick to the eye that works wonders for maximizing window treatments and opening up a smaller space. Best of all, the expense should not break the bank.

A wise person once told me that I have “champagne taste with beer money” and although I firmly agree, there’s no excuse why I have to settle for less. With so many tips and ideas on the internet (thanks to my Pinterest addiction), I have bookmarked numerous ways to create “change” at home. Not only would the look of your home feel richer, but you too will be richer because you took the time to save the money by making these home improvements on your own!


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