Musical Notes- Rae Morris

This is the first installment of a new music review series entitled ‘Musical Notes’ in which I will be reviewing emerging new artists in the music industry. Some of these artists are either signed or not signed to a record label. However the case, I wanted to show recognition to those I feel are talented and on a different level than what we’ve already seen in the music business. 


Born and raised in Blackpool Lancashire (England), Rae Morris attracted the attention of BBC Radio in 2011, after years of performing gigs and studying music in college. It wasn’t long until she officially signed with Atlantic Records and her new album titled ‘Unguarded’ was a recent 2015 release. It’s no doubt that Rae has the vocal talent to reach unparalleled levels with songs like “Closer” and “Under the Shadows”. Rae’s voice is very reminiscent of Enya and while also being compared to Ellie Goulding, my personal opinion of her music is that there’s an ethereal glow to her sound which evokes a more worldly and mature tone.

Her debut single “Don’t Go” was released in 2012 (which was also presented in the final episode of the television drama ‘Skins’). Later that year, she released her 2nd album ‘Grow’ which was then followed up by her 3rd release ‘From Above’ in 2013. She’s toured alongside George Ezra as his opening act as well as headlined her own UK tour. Her latest release ‘Unguarded’ has been placed at #9 on the UK Albums Chart. Her star definitely shines bright in the UK, but I think it’s time she reached a new level of success abroad.

Download ‘Unguarded’ on iTunes:

Check out her music on You Tube:


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