Wanderlusting- Unusual Travel Destinations

Often when one has been left sitting sedentary for too long, a person might get bitten by the wanderlust bug. To be honest, I can’t even remember the last time I took a “real” vacation and to date I have yet to even cross the United States border to internationally discover new sights. I’ve always dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris and tasting authentic pasta and gelato in Italy…maybe even gazing at the architectural wonders of Dubai. But according to Fodor’s 2015 travel guide, I’m rethinking my version of the ultimate travel destination and setting my sights on these (5) unusual places to kick back and relax.

1. Iceland

For the creative and adventurous spirit, there are many different regions to explore on your next vacation and each region offers something uniquely interesting. You have the option to explore the farmlands of East Iceland, take in the breathtaking waterfalls and volcanoes in West Iceland, or take a dip in the hot springs located in Reykjanes, which is also home to the Blue Lagoon.


2. Romania

For the those interested in a rich history and a well cultured atmosphere, Romania offers a mix of medieval and modern. Visit the castles and fortresses built in the late 18th century such as Transylvania and Bran Castle (also known as home of Bram Stoker’sΒ Dracula). Romania also boasts the stunning views of the Carpathian Mountains, home to one of the largest undisturbed forests in Europe with over 400 unique species of mammals.


3. Norway

Similar to Iceland, Norway also offers many different regions and the options to explore are plentiful. Specific areas of interest are Northern Norway for wildlife safaris, Eastern Norway for scenic mountain views and Southern Norway to snowboard in the largest alpine center of the region. However, make sure to check out Fjord for hiking, fishing and glacier walking.


4. Namibia

From sweeping views of the desert to roaming the wilderness with African wildlife, Namibia is the destination to truly escape city life. But it’s not just a rural destination. The German influenced town ofΒ LΓΌderitz is a sight to see, with its colonial architecture and harbours. Not to miss is Mercury Island, home to the endangered African penguin.


5. The Arctic

When I think of The Arctic, I think of being in the middle of nowhere and being extremely cold. Part of my assumption is true. While being located in a cold climate, The Arctic is certainly not a destination in isolation. Board a cruise and take in the amazing sights of this vast wonderland which encompasses parts of Greenland, Canada, and the North Pole. Or stay inland in a safari camp pitched on ice in the Canadian Arctic. There is so much to explore in this polar region, but not to be missed are the massive amounts of polar bears and walruses in their natural habitat.



5 comments on “Wanderlusting- Unusual Travel Destinations

  1. This is a great list! Iceland has been on my list for a while now, and now I’m adding Romania too! This summer we’re traveling to Mozambique, which has a lot of the attraction of Namibia, and I’m so excited to explore. We need some good travel tips as the standards are becoming so tired and touristy….great post!



    • Thank you Zanna! Yes, I totally agree on standard vacation spots. This world is so huge and it would be a shame not exploring the many other places that are not as well known. Enjoy your trip to Mozambique!


  2. All of these places are on my bucket list! The most exotic place I’ve traveled is Turkey – my husband and I went there for 9 days last year, and it was amazing. Google image search “Cappadocia” and you’ll see what I mean!


    • Hi Liz!
      Turkey looks like an awesome place to visit as I’ve seen many travel pictures from others that vacationed there. And I will definitely check out Cappadocia. I’ve never heard of it but it sounds exotic! πŸ™‚


  3. All of these places are on my bucket list! The coolest place I’ve been is to Turkey – my husband and I went there for 9 days last year. Google image search “Cappadocia” and you’ll see what I mean! πŸ™‚


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